You ought to hear and listen to what we women shall speak; for we are the owners of this land, AND IT IS OURS! - Seneca Women

SULLIVAN-CLINTON is an essential journey. It's not for the faint of heart, nor the stubborn of mind. It's a major event in U.S. history that's been way off the radar screen for far too long. More road signs than any NY event, yet not in our school books. But just as America undergoes historic changes, the lessons of Sullivan/ Clinton are more relevant than ever. Come learn - at your own pace. Do your research here. Then come back again for more, as we continually update this living website...
Monument with portraits of Generals Sullivan and Clinton


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Susquehanna Banks

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The river runs through and links NY and PA regions traversed by S/C. This island, near the Wyoming Battlesite, is deemed the birthplace of Hiawatha, the grea...

Tioga (Turning) Point

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Tioga (Turning) Point The Indian villages of Teoga and its neighbor Queen Esther’s Town (the “Southern Door”), were burned in revenge for Wyoming by the Hart...

War Memorial

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War Memorial Monument to the more than 400 Yankee soldiers and settlers slain in the July, 1778 attack on Wyoming Valley by Tory and Indian forces under John...

Trailblazer, East

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In 1774, Silas Deane backed annexing northern PA to Litchfield County, CT, as the Town of Westmoreland. CT’s projecting its “western claim” - through Hartfor...

As long as the Rivers flow

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They continue to flow at NY’s Ganondagan State Historic Site, restored as a center and seed-bed of traditional Haudenosau- nee culture, values and vision. (P...