• The Officers Journals Arguably among the most, if not the most “journalized” expedition in military history.
    A Must See: Erkuries Beatty’s “forgotten” Journal on Van Schaick’s destruction of Onondaga, site of the central council fire, in April of 1779, the first phase of the Campaign.

  • The Jake Thomas Learning Centerand Yvonne Thomas The Jake Thomas Learning Centre was founded in 1993 as an independent experiential learning centre for the conservation of traditional Iroquoian culture. Since 1987, Jake and his wife Yvonne have conserved their oral cultural traditions, arts, and narratives at the Six Nations Reserve in Grand River Country, Ontario, Canada.

  • Chemung Valley History Museum This fine library aims to be the foremost repository for Sullivan Clinton materials.

  • New York History Net This site provides excellent access to a broad range of NY State’s historical assets.

  • Ganondagan/Friends of Ganondagan A century before Sullivan-Clinton, was Ganondagan: the French sent 3200 soldiers to burn it down, destroy the Seneca and eliminate them from the international fur trade. It is now a compelling NY State Historic Site and can be supported through its Friends.

  • Iroquois Indian Museum Well worthwhile and engaging museum of Iroquois culture and art, past and present, with educational programs and outreach for youngsters and adults.

  • American Indian Community House, NYC AICH is a community-based social support agency & cultural center to improve the status of Native Americans and promote inter-cultural understanding. It serves an estimated 27,000 Native Americans in NYC and has members from 72 different tribes. Linking reservations & urban centers, it fosters the interrelatedness of all Native Americans and recognizes the shared nature of all their issues and concerns.

  • Chemung Valley Living History Center The sponsoring group for the re-enactment of the Battle of Newtown during this 225th anniversary year. Held this August 27-29, it is the main Sullivan/Clinton event in NY State, and provides both high visibility and a chance to consider and discuss the far-reaching significance of the Sullivan-Clinton Campaign.

  • Canterbury Tours A great historical tourism outfit with multi-perspectival bus tours of Sullivan/Clinton sites.


  • Clint Fisher Art [art director/web designer]
    Site of art/design/photography work with a focus on aesthetics.

  • John Francis McCarthy [photographer]
    Site of fine, inspired photography of the Finger Lakes region, to help visualize where the Iroquois nations held sway.

  • Ousmane Sow: The Little Big Horn [sculptor]
    Site of one of the world’s great sculptors. After choosing your language, click the “works” section and you will find the “little big horn” link to his monumental Battle of the Little Big Horn, the flip side of Sullivan-Clinton.

  • Mark Brown Photography [photographer]
    Offers a fine photo gallery showing the 225th Anniversary Re-enactment of the ambush and capture by the Senecas of a scouting party led by Lt. Boyd and Sgt. Parker. Boyd’s mission was to find Little Beard’s Town so that Sullivan’s army could destroy it.

  • Krista Wallhagen [artist/photographer]
    The website of a gifted and visionary artist-illustrator whose first-rate photo-contributions adorn this website.