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Brothers, you must not think hard if we speak rash, as it comes from a wounded heart, as you have struck the hatchet in our head and we can’t be reconciled until you come & pull it out; We are sorry to tell you, you have killed Eleven of us since peace.

Brothers, it is our great brother, your Governor, who must come to see us, as we will never bury the hatchet until our great brother himself comes & brightens the chain of friendship, as it is very rusty. Brothers, you must bring the property of your brothers you have murdered, and all the property of the murderers, as it will be great satisfaction to the families of the deceased. Brothers, the Sooner you meet us the better, for our young Warriors are very uneasy, and it may prevent great trouble.

Seneca Chiefs Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania To Protest Killings of Seneca Hunters August 12, 1790