Boyd-Parker Park 1

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Set beside the Geneseo -Cuylerville Rd.(Rt. 39), this site and their Ambuscade are the only true Memorials to any named individuals, among the more than 10,000 fighters, victims and refugees directly involved in or impacted by the S-C Invasion.

note: The Onondaga capital, Onondaga Castle, was burnt on April 12-13, 1779. At Rt. 11, near Onondaga. The Seneca capital, Little Beard’s Town, was burnt on Sept. 14-15, 1779. At Rt. 39, near Geneseo. The Cayuga capital, Goi-O-Guen, was burnt on Sept. 22-23, 1779. At Rt. 90, near Aurora. See its 1929 Redux, in the L. P. Hecht Gallery.