Little Beards Town Marker

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The back of theS/C monument in Boyd- Parker Park is the only outdoor indication of the former site of the Seneca capital, the once West- ern Door, burnt by Sullivan/Clinton on Sept. 14, 1779.

note: The Onondaga capital, Onondaga Castle, was burnt on April 12-13, 1779. At Rt. 11, near Onondaga. The Seneca capital, Little Beard’s Town, was burnt on Sept. 14-15, 1779. At Rt. 39, near Geneseo. The Cayuga capital, Goi-O-Guen, was burnt on Sept. 22-23, 1779. At Rt. 90, near Aurora. See its 1929 Redux, in the L. P. Hecht Gallery.