Like Cortez and Sherman, But...

The expedition of General John Sullivan against the hostile Indian tribes of the north was one of the most important military movements of the Revolutionary war. Undertaken during one of the darkest periods which the struggling Colonies saw, it furnishes an example of devotion, heroism and noble self-sacrifice tghat has seldom been equalled int hte annals of history. The daring and intrepid march has been not inaptly compared to the famous expedition of Cortez to the ancient halls of Montezuma, or that later brilliant military achievement, Sherman's march to the sea. In many respects it was a remarkable undertaking, and the boldness of its conception was only equalled by the bravery and determination with which its hardship and danger were met and its objects accomplished.

Notwithstanding the magnitude of the undertaking, however, and the beneficent results, immediate and remote, which are to be attributed to it, no portion of the history of the Revolution has received less attention from historians than this expedition.

A. Tiffany Norton
History of Sullivan's Campaign Against the Iroquois

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