Rigors of the Season: Dinner is Served, As Iroquoia Starves

A handsome house halfway up the bank opposite the ferry seems to attract the eye and to invite strangers to stop at General Schuyler's, who is its owner as well as its architect. I had recommendations to him from all quarters, but particularly from General Washington and Mrs. Carter, Schuyler's daughter... On shore was the Chevalier de Mauduit, who was waiting for us with the General's sleigh, and found ourselves in an instant in a handsome drawing room, near a good fire, with Mr. Schuyler, his wife and daughters. While we were warming ourselves, dinner was served, to which everyone did honor, as well as to the Madeira, which was excellent and which made us completely forget the rigor of the season and the fatigue of the journey.

Marquis de Chastellux
Visit to the Schuyler Mansion
Albany, New York
December 1780, the Winter of Hunger

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