Scalps & Firewater

The people [American settlers] are not [yet] Sensible what a good affect It [the burning of villages] has had on the Indians. The Onandaga warriors offer to go to what post we chuse to Direct them and Bring in what Number of prisoners and Scalp from the Enemy British we may Desire. I have encouraged those Savages to do all the mischief that they can to the Enemy. I wish you... to send me ten and two five gallons Caggs Very White, theey are to be a publick charge & are to be sent occasionally to our friendly Brethren.

Col. Goose Van Schaick (American)
Observations After Destroying Onandaga Villages
Ft. Schuyler, New York
May 11, 1779

Posted by sullivan at May 14, 2004 04:31 AM
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