Land Calculus

Prior to European colonization the Iroquois exercised active dominion over most of what is now New York State. Of the 49,576 square miles of the state the Iroquois held title to about 4/5 of the total area (approximately 39,000 square miles)… Total land holdings for the Iroquois in 1995 are about 86,716 acres remaining from the original 25,000,000 or .034% of what we once had.

Doug George-Kanentiio
Akwasasne Notes New Series
Fall 1995

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The Erie Canal

The Erie Canal (1825), a monumental achievement, was ultimately made possible by Washington-Sullivan-Clinton's ouster of the Iroqouis nations from the region. This grand canal was opened with a 363-mile journey across western NY, from Buffalo to Albany; then down the Hudson River to New York City. Interestingly, its lead barge was named Seneca Chief. And, its most prominent passenger was New York's Governor DeWitt Clinton - the son of General James Clinton!

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White Settlement

When peace with England was finally declared, in 1783, there began a migration of settlers to western New York. Many of Sullivan's men were given grants of land for their services, in many instances the only pay they ever received. In consequence, a very considerable number of the pioneer familites trace their descent from these patriots, the very bone and sinew of the newly rising Republic.

Judge Lockwood R. Doty
History of the Genesee County
The 150th Anniversary Program

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The Three Sisters Meet Seneca Foods

The Three Sisters - Corn, Beans and Squash - are the traditional core of Seneca survival and worldview. Today, the Seneca Foods plant in the area at Leicester, NY processes beets, butter beans, carrots, corn, dry beans, mixed garden vegetables, peas, potatoes and stew vegetables. The Seneca Foods Corporation website proclaims:

"A Seneca–produced canned vegetable product is in one out of every four cupboards in America!"

Seneca Foods
The Website

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The Iroquois Nations

The five original Iroquois/Haudenosaunee tribes are: the Seneca, the keepers of the Western Door; the Cayugas, the "people of the marsh" and "keepers of the Great Pipe"; the Onondaga, who were the "name bearers," "keepers of the cenral fire" who kept the wampum belt that contained the history of the Iroquois; the Oneida, the "stone people" symbolized by the Great Tree; and lastly the Mohawk, the "keepers of the eastern door".

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