To The Empire State!

A New York brigade winning the day at Newtown, by routing badly outnumbered Iroquois and Loyalist forces under Brant and Butler.
Taking Stock

Outnumbered Iroquois warriors reload and assess their position as overwhelming Yankee forces and first-time field cannon advance.
Eyes of the Empire
English officers watch the battle unfold. British numbers and political will were inadequate to help defend the Iroquois homelands.
Yankee Advance
Detachments of Sulli- van's troops advance on retreating Iroquois- Loyalist positions. The rivers would run red with blood.
Summit Conference

Loyalist and English commanders consider the dismal options as the Sullivan & Clinton's army closes in.
Time to Regroup
Another Iroquois warrior sizes up the situation and falls back to try and defend Seneca Country to the north.
Planning an Ambush

Two weeks after New- town, Boyd's scouting party searches for the Seneca capital (so Sullivan's Army can burn it), Iroquois and Loyalists set off to trap them.
Setting the Trap

A Seneca warrior and a Loyalist ally move into position to capture Boyd's scouting party. The day before, a Seneca was scalped by the party's Tim Murphy.

After the firefight, Boyd and Parker are captured and tied up. The famed Timothy Murphy, one of Boyd's party and a serial scalper (who scalped a lone Seneca the day before), got away.

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