Ours or Mine?

All of these things are a gift provided by the Creator for our needs. That everything we need has been provided here, but we have to treat it in a manner that is respectful, so we don't use it all up in our lifetime. Because there are faces that are young, or just born -- those who are coming. And theyre going to need what we have enjoyed here. So our job is to take care of it while were here. Not to destroy it, but to hand it on to the next generations. Were only stewards of it while were all alive. Whereas the other view is "Im going to get everything that I need now for my family and my needs. So Ill become better than I was, have more than Ive ever had. Ill become rich basically." Money is driving this thinking. And then it asks: "What is the obstacle to my efforts to become this way?" The answer: "Its these people [the Haudenosaunee/Seneca] that are living here."

G. Peter Jemison
Seneca Artist & Spokesman
Ganondagan, 2003

Posted by sullivan at June 13, 2005 08:03 AM
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