Ode to Town Destroyer

When your army entered the country of the Six Nations, we called you Town Destroyer: and to this day when that name is heard our women look behind them and turn pale, and our children cling close to the necks of their mothers. Our counsellors and warriors are men, and cannot be afraid; but their hearts are grieved with the fears of our women and children, and desire that it may be buried so deep as to be heard no more.

Seneca Chief Cornplanter
To George Washington

Posted by sullivan at June 13, 2005 08:03 AM

Even tho we suffered much, we are still here. We are waiting for Creator's return. Thankyou

Posted by: HBower at April 21, 2006 10:39 AM

great spirit,

thank you for an unforgiving nature. the complete massacre of 1000 french settlers in montreal on july 26, 1688 was avenged with english steel in 1779.

je me souvien,


Posted by: count at August 15, 2008 04:25 PM

The count's sarcasm masks the fact that the cited massacre of 1688 was retaliation for the French governor's (Denonville) attempted annihilation of the Seneca in 1687, and that the civilized Europeans thought nothing of enlisting Indian warriors in their imperial war for control of North America. That the indigenous Indians tried, in turn, to play the visiting Euro powers off one another was a key, if understandable and possibly unavoidable aspect of their historical tragedy. The French and English presence in North America, however, was completely avoidable. The count, who remembers, forgets the context. Je me souviens aussi.

Posted by: sullivan at August 21, 2008 08:04 AM
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